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Jamrock Blue Mountain Single Serve Drip Bag Coffee (10g x 16 Bags)

Jamrock Blue Mountain Single Serve Drip Bag Coffee (10g x 16 Bags)

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Style: 10g x 16 Bags
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Looking for a more convenient and quick way to make a delicious cup of coffee? If you have Jamrock Jamaica Blue Mountain Drip Bag Coffee, you can make high-quality, freshly brewed coffee anywhere and anytime! Pour hot water over the ground coffee, let it drip into your mug, and savor the taste.

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Elevate your coffee experience with Jamrock Jamaica Blue Mountain Single Serve Drip Bag Coffee. Savor the distinct flavors of coffee beans handpicked from the renowned SILVER HILL farm in Jamaica. With its compact size and easy-to-use design, this drip bag coffee allows you to enjoy a premium cup of coffee wherever you go. Taste the quality and richness of Jamaica's finest coffee in every sip.

This drip bag coffee is available in different options (8 Bags and 16 Bags).

What Is In The Box
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Country of Manufacture Jamaica
Brand Story

Jamrock is a coffee brand sourced, harvested, and processed by SILVER HILL. SILVER HILL is a coffee farm located below a rainforest popular for producing the finest and premium quality coffee beans around the world. This location provides the most ideal environment for coffee plants to grow and produce superior beans. SILVER HILL is one of the only four coffee farms which have been allowed and authorized by the Government of Jamaica since 1953.

The beans harvested from SILVER HILL are processed under the supervision of JACRA to ensure the quality of the coffee beans. Some of their products include roasted coffee and coffee drip bags (8 or 16 bags).

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Customer Questions
What kind of roast is this coffee?
Medium Roast.
What kind of flavour of this coffee?
Chocolate / Nutty / Caramel / Plum.
Is this product have a certificate of origin?
Yes, it is. Please check in image slides on the product page.
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