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Jamrock Silver Hill Blue Mountain Coffee (227g Bag)

by Jamrock

The Coffee Roasters of Jamaica Blue Mountain Produce a Product Perfect for Every Coffee Enthusiast

While coffee is just a means to obtain energy in the morning for many people, there are coffee enthusiasts who make coffee their passion — a way of life. What do you give to a coffee fan in your life? The Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is one of Giraffy Co’s gift expert recommendations.


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What Does Blue Mountain Coffee Taste Like?

Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend coffee has a mild flavour with a sweetness that borders on creamy.

Blue Mountain coffee's finest lots are known for their gentle flavour and lack of bitterness. This coffee has earned a reputation as one of the most costly and sought-after coffees in the world during the last few decades. Japan imports more than 80% of all Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. 

Whoever you give this Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee to, they’ll be able to taste the chocolate undertones, as well as a smooth yet lively acidity and a near-complete lack of bitterness, adding to the coffee's depth, whether you prefer to use it with an espresso machine or with a pour-over.

What Is In The Box

What’s Special With Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?

Meticulously Roasted by the Coffee Roasters of Jamaica Blue Mountain

227g (0.5lb) per bag

Coffee connoisseurs are great to shop for because there are so many different types of equipment, accessories, and appliances to select from, not to mention the coffee beans themselves.

What makes Blue Mountain Coffee stand out is how the coffee roasters of Jamaica Blue Mountain meticulously roasted them with a Giesen coffee roaster in small batches. Thus, a drip coffee bag of 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee will provide you with a unique experience to be savoured at your leisure, slowly as nature produced it.

Additionally, the coffee plantation, located in sheltered regions beneath the magnificent rainforest, produces the world's finest Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans, which are chosen with meticulous care and processed under JACRA's supervision (Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority - formally Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica).


More Information
Country of Manufacture Jamaica
Brand Story

Jamrock is a coffee brand sourced, harvested, and processed by SILVER HILL. SILVER HILL is a coffee farm located below a rainforest popular for producing the finest and premium quality coffee beans around the world. This location provides the most ideal environment for coffee plants to grow and produce superior beans. SILVER HILL is one of the only four coffee farms which have been allowed and authorized by the Government of Jamaica since 1953.

The beans harvested from SILVER HILL are processed under the supervision of JACRA to ensure the quality of the coffee beans. Some of their products include roasted coffee and coffee drip bags (8 or 16 bags).

Order your premium quality Jamrock products from Giraffy Co. and taste the difference!

Customer Questions
I am a coffee lover and I am keen to try and collect your other coffee equipment. Can I bundle the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee with other coffee products?
Absolutely. We have a wide range coffee products from the ingredients to the equipment used for making the perfect cup. You may choose to bundle the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee Canada with other Giraffy Co’s coffee products such as the coffee grinder...
I understand that the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is one of the best coffee in the world. However, could you describe how the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee tastes like?
The Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee gives chocolate undertones, as well as a smooth yet lively acidity and a near-complete lack of bitterness, adding to the coffee's depth. There’s no better way to describe it rather than tasting it. So we recommend that...
I have a friend in Canada who’s a coffee addict, and I’d like to surprise her with the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee gift this week. Could Giraffy Co wrap the coffee as a gift?
Absolutely. Giraffy Co can take care of your gifting needs. Giraffy Co’s services and solutions include recommendations, gift personalization,  wrapping and delivering them so you can have peace of mind. You may choose from our wrapping paper and...
What kind of roast is this coffee?
Medium Roast.
What kind of flavour of this coffee?
Chocolate / Nutty / Caramel / Plum.
Is this product have a certificate of origin?
Yes, it is. Please check in image slides on the product page.
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