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Finding the Best Baby Gifts in Canada


Welcoming a new baby is another milestone for every family. Are you visiting a family member or a friend’s newborn baby? Then don’t forget to bring along newborn baby gifts. Browse Giraffy Co. for the best baby gift ideas!


How to Choose Baby Boy and Baby Girl Gifts

In choosing a newborn baby gift, keep in mind that it could be something the mother or the father wants or what the baby needs. Sometimes, they don’t know that they’d need it but once they got the gift for the newborn, they’ll realize that yes, they’ll absolutely need this gift making them appreciate your baby gift. 


Quality baby gifts are hard to find but with Giraffy Co’s gift selection, rest assured that you’ll never go wrong. If you don’t have the time to select the gift yourself, Giraffy Co can also take care of the recommendation, gift wrapping and delivering them on time for the event. Your message also counts so getting a card that conveys your message is also a great idea. 


Newborn Baby Gifts in Canada

In finding a newborn baby gift, you may want to ask their parents on what else are missing in their gift registry. A gift registry is when the recipient compiles a list of things they wish they get, and usually distributed to their friends and family. This way, you can get the necessary gift that the recipient wants. 


Most of the time, during the baby shower or before the child is born. That’s the timeframe to get the newborn baby gifts for your friends and family. You may also need to know the gender of the baby so you can get the appropriate style of the item. 


Unsure of what you can get? Giraffy Co. has a wide variety of gift selection to choose from. These are carefully selected by gift experts ensuring the quality of each item. 


Best Baby Gifts to Give to a Friend or Family Member

In a hurry to find the perfect baby gift? How about one that they can use while eating? We made a quick list for you: 


  • KINTO BONBO 6 pcs set: Here’s a simple six piece set that works perfectly for full-course meals and picnics. It has a playful design which is suitable for baby food and kid’s meals. 
  • EKOBO Bambino Illustrated Kids Dinner Set: Looking for something colorful and playful? This four-piece set of two plates, one cup and a spoon is one of our bestselling baby gifts and a mom’s favorite too. 
  • EKOBO Bambino Silicone Baby Meal Set with Silicone Spoon: This 4-piece set includes a bowl, plate, training cup and a soft tip spoon. It is also free of BPA, PVC, Phthalate and latex ensuring the baby’s safety. 
  • KINTO BONBO Straw Mug: Made of durable material, this straw mug is useful for babies when they turn six months and above. This is a good baby gift idea because they can use it until they become toddlers. 


Can’t Find What You Need? Go for Customized Baby Gifts!

Giving a personalized gift is an amazing way to celebrate with kids and toddlers for their special day. Do you have something in mind that you know they would totally love and yet you can’t find in any physical or online shops? 


Don’t worry because Giraffy Co is not just an online shop. We can also help you customize gifts that represent you and highlight the message you want to deliver. Customized gifts deliver twice the fun for the baby because it means you give it the extra thought and effort, and that you went beyond the usual. 


It could be as simple as writing their name or putting their illustrated image on the product. These are simple things that would put extra value to your gift and ensure a memorable day for the receiver. 


Show how you truly care by sending us extra details and we’ll find you the perfect baby gifts.