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Classical Chinese Style Bird - Cute Bookmarks

Stay Motivated in Finishing Your Favourite Books with these Classical Chinese Adorable, Cute Bookmarks

If you want to add value to your leisure reading, these Chinese bookmarks can do the job for you. The design in these cute bookmarks is beyond inspirational that it makes the perfect bookmark gift for all types of readers: students, teachers, colleagues, boss or clients.

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Not Your Ordinary Cute Bookmarks 

You don’t have to look closely to appreciate the Intricate design in these Chinese bookmarks

The newborn in the forest, the elf beating on the branches, always curious about the world. 


The Chinese bookmark is designed in the style of imitating classical copper engravings. Look closely at the bird bookmark and you’ll find different virtual and solid lines that are used to express light and shadow and level changes.


The surface layer of this bookmark is plated with 18K gold to make the bookmarks shine under the light. In terms of color, we carefully match a set of high-grade gray as the main colour of the bookmark, which forms a certain contrast with the gold, making the entire bookmark more elegant in its agility.

What Is In The Box

Unique, Colorful and Cute Bookmarks Made of Brass 

Made of 18K Gold Plating and Baking Finish, it is the Perfect Bookmark Gift

What makes the Sozen Create bird bookmark the perfect gift for any book lover?

The philosophy in creating these cute bookmarks is something you’d like to apply in your life or the receiver’s life. This is because the brand focused on producing not just a high-quality product, but also bookmarks that would inspire when the receiver uses the bird bookmark in their books. 

After all, the bird symbolizes elevation, enlightenment, hope and wisdom. If this is the message you want to deliver to the gift receiver, then there’s no better bookmark gift than this. 


Bookmark Material: Brass

Bird Bookmark Process: 18K gold plating, baking finish

Bookmark Dimensions(cm): 8.2 L × 2.7 W × 0.05 H

Bookmark Weight(kg): 0.06

It is also an appropriate bookmark gift to a mentor, client and business partner. With Giraffy Co, you can save your gifting time by up to 70% as we take care of pairing, wrapping up to the gift delivery. 


More Information
Country of Manufacture China
UPC Code 6971757380469
Brand Story

Sozen Create is a creative brand of gifts with human feelings. It integrates feelings for natureand sincere aesthetic expression into the good perception ties between people in contemporary life. It expresses subtle feelings with gifts and conveys unspeakable feelings. It uses inspiration to imagine that everyone's life is full of care. Keep it in mind, the popularity is good. Giraffy Co., as a corporate gifting platform, aims to deliver a unique and considerate gift-giving experience for you. Together with Sozen Create, we offer high-quality products and one-stop product customization service.

Customer Questions
I’m hooked with these cute bookmarks. I’d love to know what Sozen can offer here at Giraffy Co. What are the other Sozen products available in your gifting platform?
Our gift experts are also big fans of Sozen’s bookmarks. You may pair this bird bookmark with a variety of bookmarks by Sozen too. The popular ones are the Maple Leaves, Sakura Bookmark and the Koi Bookmark.  Aside from bookmarks, Giraffy Co features...
The design of these Chinese bookmarks looks so intricate. Is it possible to personalize the bookmark? I’d like to put a name or a date on it. Where can you put the name of the recipient?
Intricate designs have been one of the strengths of Sozen’s bird bookmark. Whether the bookmark can be customized depends. We would suggest you contact us for further information. Giraffy Co can customize the bookmark by engraving the name of the receiver...
I don’t have a lot of budget, but I’d like to get this online gift for my friend in Canada. How much does it cost to personalize this bird bookmark?
Giraffy Co. can take care of this for you. We understand how we want to express ourselves by personalizing our gifts. But don’t worry, because it is free to personalize our products with Giraffy Co.’s services and solutions. (*Conditions apply, please...
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