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Meditation Time Bundle

Improve the atmosphere of any room with the home fragrance solution of this bundle.

Incense has been used for generations to promote peaceful and cheerful surroundings. When you don't have a lot of time, incense is an excellent alternative to candles and diffusers because it delivers a quick burst of aroma. Incense sticks typically burn for less than an hour and have a strong aroma and scent throw.

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    Product Details

    The Best Home Fragrance Bundle for Every Home or Office

    This incense bundle makes the perfect gift for every occasion. 

    BOTANICA Savanna Incense Home Fragrance

    • Thought to clear stale, stagnant energy, incense has been used for centuries to promote calm and positive spaces. Our BOTANICA Savanna incense makes an amazing home fragrance as it is made with our high-quality fragrance blends, plus essential oils for a long, balanced ritualistic experience–sure to make any dwelling feel like a luxurious retreat.


    • This bundle comes with Tenn Prairie black & white graffiti match holder with Striker & black match

      • Each match stick holder is hand-poured concrete with a cork bottom to protect your surfaces. Each set comes with 70 matches included. The matches are approximately 1.85 inches. There is also a striker pad attached to the side of your holder for easy lighting.


    • KomoLab Incense Burner - Walnut

      • A groove in concrete catches the ashes from your burning incense. An opening in the wood allows for sticks to be kept in stock. The wood is sealed for protection and a cork pad underneath keeps your shelf or tabletop safe from scratches.
      • Available in 2 color options: Walnut and Ebony oak
    What Is In The Box

    Give this Home Fragrance to Your Customers / Clients

    Whatever the occasion, your customers or clients will appreciate these incense sticks for home fragrance. 

    \To recover from a long day at work, one solution is to light these BOTANICA Savanna incense sticks and be transformed into a relaxing state when you inhale the aroma. Burning incense has a lot of other benefits and one of them is to enjoy the home fragrance inside a home.

    When your customer or client receives the BOTANICA Savanna home fragrance, they’ll find a complete bundle with all the essentials to experience a relaxing home:

    • BOTANICA Savanna Incense Sticks
      Dimensions(cm): 30.5 L x 5 W x 1.5 H
      Weight(kg): 0.023

    • Tenn Prairie Black & White Graffiti Match Holder w/Striker & Black Match
      Dimensions (cm):5.5 L x 5.5 W x 6.5 H
      Weight (kg):0.14

    • KomoLab Incense Burner - Walnut
      Dimensions (cm):33.02 L x 6.35 W x 3.81 H
    • Weight (kg):1.36

    Make your gift even better with Giraffy Co’s customization service for free. Additionally, we can also wrap this home fragrance using our gifting supply wrapping materials, which will be more convenient for you especially if you are planning to gift it to many.

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    Country of Manufacture Canada
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    Customer Questions
    An event is coming up. What if I need the gift to be delivered urgently? Can I speed up the delivery of this incense bundle as a gift?
    With Giraffy Co’s gift expertise, we solve every gifting pain point, including the speeding up of your gift delivery. This ensures that your gifts can be delivered on time. You may give us a call or hit the ‘chat with us’ button so we can prioritize ...
    I can be sensitive in some incense burner smells. What are the fragrance notes that the Savanna Incense gives out? Will it affect the smell of the whole room?
    The following notes can be found when you light an incense stick: petitgrain, chamomile and baobab fruit. Incense works as a home fragrance so lighting one will affect the whole space. Try lighting some incense in the morning with calm yoga practice. ...
    What if I run out of incense sticks? Could I order extra stock of BOTANICA Savanna Incense along with the bundle?
    Yes, a separate 20-sticks package of BOTANICA Savanna is also available for purchase. You may choose to order a few along with the incense bundle so you don’t have to wait in case, one day you run out of stock. Or perhaps when you think you are going...
    What if I am not fond of this particular aroma? Aside from BOTANICA Savanna, what are the other available BOTANICA incense available at Giraffy Co.?
    We understand that BOTANICA Savanna is not for everybody. Fortunately, aside from BOTANICA Savanna, the Golden State and Harvest Moon incense are also available. These favorites also give out amazing smells. Another recommendation is purchasing other...
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