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Orbitkey Crazy Horse Leather Key Organiser - Maple Red | Red Stitching

The sophisticated style of the Orbitkey Key Organiser will completely revolutionize how you store keys!

Worry less about the clutter and keep your keys neatly fashioned and tucked away. With the Orbitkey key organiser, give someone the ability to carry all their essentials wherever they go stylishly and without breaking the bank. Our assortment of colours will allow you to customize what you believe looks best.

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What Makes the Orbitkey Key Organiser So Popular?

Made by Orbitkey Canada, this key organiser only gets better with age.

What do you look for in a key organiser? If you are looking for a gift that gets better with time, then the Orbitkey key organiser is the perfect gift for both men and women. Chosen by Giraffy Co gift experts, the key organiser is designed to be durable with the wax layer applied to the leather that allows you to easily rub away light scuffs and scratches with your finger.

The Orbitkey leather also gains character over time because of the wax coating around it that absorbs natural oil. You also don’t have to worry about carrying keys, car keys and accessories at the same place along with other things because it would not scratch your phone or any other belongings in your bag.

What Is In The Box

Orbitkey Key Organiser Quality Materials

A Key Organiser made of beautiful and durable, Suede-like leather

The Orbitkey key organiser is an elegant and luxurious piece made of high-quality grain Crazy Horse Leather that will last a lifetime. It also has a light coating and protective finish, enhancing the durability of the Orbitkey leather. 

The Orbitkey comes in the following colors:

  • Obsidian Black with Red Stitching
  • Oak Brown with Brown Stitching
  • Chestnut Brown with Brown Stitching
  • Marine Blue with Blue Stitching
  • Forest Green with Green Stitching
  • Maple Red with Red Stitching
  • Aubergine with Purple

The key organiser is also: 

  • Car key ready
  • Carries 2 - 7 keys
  • Made with top-grain leather

Orbitkey Leather Materials:

  • Full Grain Cowhide Crazy Horse Leather
  • 316L Stainless Steel

What's in the Box of the Orbitkey Key Organiser:

  • 1 x Orbitkey Key Organiser
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Wave Washer

Dimensions :

  • Length: 85.6mm / 3.37"
  • Width: 22.4mm / 0.88"
  • Height: 20mm / 0.79"
  • Weight: 16g

Watch this video to learn more about Orbitkey and its accessories. 

The Orbitkey Key Organiser also features an award-winning and secure locking mechanism. Make it the perfect gift with Giraffy Co’s personalisation services that include blind deboss monogramming, gift wrapping, and speedy delivery.


More Information
Country of Manufacture Australia
UPC Code 9348824001416
Key Organizer Color Red
Key Organizer Material Crazy Horse Leather
Key Organizer Capacity 2-7 Keys, Car Keys, Fobs
Brand Story

Clever Organization with the Key Organizer by Orbitkey Canada 

Orbitkey Canada started with an idea to solve noisy pockets, messy keys and cluttered bags.

The company Orbitkey started with 5,000 crowd-funders who believed in the vision of Charles Ng and Rex Kuo. The founders’ idea upon starting Orbitkey Canada is to solve noisy pockets, cluttered bags and messy keys.

Soon enough, the founders put their careers aside and focused on the world of organization. Once set, Orbitkey came to life after the founders packed their bags and flew overseas. Orbitkey Canada has a small team of creative and passionate organizers impacting the world of organization. This key organizer is one of Orbitkey’s best-selling products, along with the Orbitkey Nest and Orbitkey Tracker.

Customer Questions
What is Crazy Horse Leather
Crazy Horse leather is made from full-grain cowhide – the highest-quality natural leather in the world.  A coating of natural wax is applied to the leather, then buffed and polished to a rich, smooth finish. 
How many keys can the Orbitkey Key Organizer carry?
It can be frustrating when you have lots of keys lost in your bag. It takes time to look for it and is not convenient at all. Fortunately, with the Orbitkey key organizer, you don’t have to worry about cluttered or misplaced keys, or even losing them...
What are the other colors available of the Orbitkey Key Organiser in the Giraffy Co’s gifting platform?
We know how important it is to get your favourite color. Maybe you want it to match your personality. Or maybe the recipient has a specific preferred color in mind. That’s why Giraffy Co also features the following colors: Forest Green, Maple Red, Obsidian...
What if I accidentally broke the Orbitkey key organiser? What if I need to replace the Orbitkey leather? Is there a warranty for this product? Where do I go to fix it?
Orbitkey strives to establish long-term connections with its clients and will attempt to fix any issues you may have with the product. All Orbitkey devices come with a two-year limited warranty that begins at the moment of purchase (the "Warranty Period...
Is it possible to engrave the name of the gift receiver on the Orbitkey leather?
Absolutely. Yes, with Giraffy Co’s free personalization service, we can engrave your preferred name, sign or symbol. The engraving service by our experts will definitely surprise the recipient so it’s always a good idea to think of something interesting...
Where does Orbitkey originate? Can I buy it here in Canada?
Orbitkey is one of the brands we work with here at Giraffy Co. Orbitkey is an Australian brand that has grown its size and popularity all over the world for its quality. The company has a branch in Canada too. For your gifting needs, our gift experts...
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