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Soap and Soap Dish Kit

Get this Soap Kit to nourish the skin.

Feel the peace of mind that handmade soap is free of industrial additives. Soap Dish Keeps bar soap intact. When bathing is the theme, the combination of this two is the most suitable choice.

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    Whispering Willow Bar Soap - Lavender

    Our Lavender soap has a gentle aroma that is an invitation to slow down, relax, and be present. The rich lather from our unique blend of organic oils and shea butter gently cleanses the skin while moisturizing and providing essential vitamins and nutrients.

    Offered in an attractive holster box, your customers can engage with the product without touching the soap. The box also tells a story, letting customers know that our soap is handcrafted and is free of palm oil, parabens, and sulfates.

    Ingredients: organic coconut oil, water, organic olive oil, sodium hydroxide, organic sunflower oil, organic castor oil, organic jojoba oil, organic avocado oil, organic lavender essential oil

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    BOTANICA Canopy Sea Salt Soap

    Our Sea Salt Soaps are vegan, and made in small-batches with finely-milled sea salts that we cultivate directly from our local Atlantic Coast beach. Minerals occurring naturally in our raw sea salts soften and nourish the skin, while our unique combination of plant-based oils moisturize as they cleanse.

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    Whispering Willow Cedar Soap Dish

    Our cedar soap dishes are a beautiful and practical way to preserve your Whispering Willow bar soap. Our natural, handcrafted soap doesn’t contain chemicals that prevent “melting” if the bar is left sitting in water. Handcrafted in the US, these soap dishes are designed to allow water to drain through while minimizing contact with the soap, extending the life of the bar.

    These are an excellent complement to our line of bar soaps and a nice item to include in any bath-themed gift baskets.

    The cedar soap dishes measure 2.75" x 4". As a note, cedarwood contains natural elements called tannins which give it its rich color. When first using the soap dish, these tannins may leech out from the wood leaving a reddish-brown residue behind which should be easily rinsed away. Over time, this leeching will cease.

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    KomoLab Concrete Soap Dish

    Form and function mend seamlessly in this solid concrete soap dish. The design is divided by a contoured surface to divert water towards the center. Each piece is sealed using FDA approved products and contains vinyl feet underneath to protect your countertop surface.

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    KomoLab Moon Dish

    There's a soothing nature about the texture of concrete against a bar of soap. 

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