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Jamrock Blue Mountain Single Serve Drip Bag Coffee (10g x 16 Bags)

by Jamrock

Enjoy Café Quality Coffee Anywhere and Anytime with Jamrock Jamaica Drip Bag Coffee

Looking for a more convenient and quick way to make a delicious cup of coffee? If you have Jamrock Jamaica Blue Mountain Drip Bag Coffee, you can make high-quality, freshly brewed coffee anywhere and anytime! Pour hot water over the ground coffee, let it drip into your mug, and savor the taste.

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Drip Bag Coffee Made From the World’s Finest Beans

Premium Drip Bag Coffee Handpicked and Sourced from SILVER HILL, Jamaica Blue Mountain

The Jamrock Jamaica Blue Mountain Drip Bag Coffee will let you taste the rich flavors of high-quality coffee sourced from Jamaica. It’s made from coffee beans grown and meticulously handpicked from SILVER HILL — one of the coffee farms authorized by the Government of Jamaica since 1953. SILVER HILL is located below the majestic rainforest making the soil rich with nutrients and vitamins the coffee plants need to grow. 

After picking, the coffee beans are processed under the supervision of the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA). This is to protect and ensure the quality of the coffee beans produced in the region. 

Jamrock Jamaica Blue Mountain Drip Bag Coffee is available in 8 bags or 16 bags.

User guide:

1. Water Temperature: Not only quality, the temperature of the water can also determine the quality of the coffee you brew! The most suitable temperature for brewing is around 91° - 95°C, which ideally is 93°C.

2. Water Composition: As mentioned above, stick to your preferences with the steeping time. Every 10 grams of drip coffee bags only requires 150 ml of water in total (including for the blooming process). If you don't want it to be too thick, you can use 185-190 ml of water. 

3. Don’t drink it immediately: Never serve hot and piping coffee, let it cool to 65 °C - 79 °C so you can taste it right without burning your tongue.

What Is In The Box

Drip Bag Coffee with Certificate of Origin

A Coffee Drip Bag Made from Beans Roasted with a Giesen Coffee Roaster

Drip bag coffee was first created in Japan back in the 1900s. They come in small sizes containing pure ground coffee with folded paper that act as a stand and hold your drip bag coffee in place over your coffee mug. Because of its compact size, you can carry it anywhere and make a delicious cup of coffee anytime.

Many coffee drinkers now choose Jamrock Jamaica Blue Mountain Drip Bag Coffee because of its portability, convenience, and flavorful coffee. In addition, it is easy to use. All you need is hot water, a coffee mug, and this drip bag coffee.

How to use:

  1. Tear and open the Jamrock Jamaica Blue Mountain Drip Bag Coffee.
  2. Pull the hangers out (folded paper).
  3. Spread the coffee drip bag open.
  4. Place the hangers onto your coffee mug.
  5. Pour hot water and wet your ground coffee. Do not pour too much water, just enough to wet all the coffee grounds.
  6. Let it bloom for 30 seconds. Bubbles will appear.
  7. Pour the hot water slowly and evenly. If you like strong coffee, you can stop here.
  8. Pour another batch of hot water if you like thinner coffee.
  9. Let it drip.
  10. When you are satisfied with your coffee, remove the coffee drip bag.
  11. Serve your freshly made cup of coffee.

Specifications: 10g/bag x 16 bags

More Information
Country of Manufacture Jamaica
Brand Story

Jamrock is a coffee brand sourced, harvested, and processed by SILVER HILL. SILVER HILL is a coffee farm located below a rainforest popular for producing the finest and premium quality coffee beans around the world. This location provides the most ideal environment for coffee plants to grow and produce superior beans. SILVER HILL is one of the only four coffee farms which have been allowed and authorized by the Government of Jamaica since 1953.

The beans harvested from SILVER HILL are processed under the supervision of JACRA to ensure the quality of the coffee beans. Some of their products include roasted coffee and coffee drip bags (8 or 16 bags).

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Customer Questions
What kind of roast is this coffee?
Medium Roast.
What kind of flavour of this coffee?
Chocolate / Nutty / Caramel / Plum.
Is this product have a certificate of origin?
Yes, it is. Please check in image slides on the product page.
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