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Christmas Gifts

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts and Options to Get Into the Spirit of Giving

Capture the excitement of delivering delightful Christmas gifts for that special person in your life. We have a large selection of Christmas gift ideas from bundles, drink and ware, health and wellness, accessories, and more! Share the perfect gift with friends and family when the time comes. Shop through our collection of Christmas gifts today!

Christmas Gifts that Naturally Fit Together: Giraffy Co Bundles

A compelling holiday


is sure to please anyone!

We have solutions for your largest gatherings to your most intimate moments. Discover amazing Christmas gift ideas and product combinations that will make decision-making a breeze. We believe in providing unique and specialized gifting options to make it more personal to whomever you are gifting to. Leave a lasting impression, foster that connection, and feel confident with your choice with the bundles here at Giraffy Co.

Celebrate Clients, Employees, and Businesses with Our Corporate Christmas Gifts

Building lasting business relationships is more than providing products, services, and comfortable pricing. Show your holiday appreciation with a fantastic selection of corporate Christmas gifts. We have the perfect solution to celebrate achievements, acknowledge individuals, recognize milestones, and show courtesy of client collaboration. A thoughtful corporate Christmas gift goes a long way, especially in the season of giving. We also have customizable and personalized options for unique, one-of-a-kind Christmas gift ideas!

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Hario Grinder Bundle

From $193.80 Regular Price $204.00

To $193.80 Regular Price $204.00

You Save 0

Quick Coffee in the Office Set

From $75.99

To $242.95

You Save 166.96

All-In-One Coffee Brewing Set

From $255.00

To $276.00

You Save 21

Mugen Coffee Dripper Set for Two People

From $63.50

To $305.50

You Save 242

Weekday Quick and Easy Coffee Making Set

From $165.00

To $221.00

You Save 56

Iced Coffee Set

From $71.95

To $317.35

You Save 245.4

Slow Drip Brewer Set

From $99.00

To $313.95

You Save 214.95

Hario V60-02 Coffee Dripper Set for Two

From $121.00

To $417.00

You Save 296

Perfect Gift Bundle for Mom
Out of Stock
Perfect Gift Bundle for Mom

From $34.17

To $76.17

You Save 42

Go Picnic with Tumbler and Lunch Box
Go Picnic with Tumbler and Lunch Box

From $101.20

To $159.20

You Save 58

For Whisky Lover

From $126.13 Regular Price $127.70

To $133.74 Regular Price $136.16

You Save 7.61

Home Decor Set

From $83.17

To $179.96 Regular Price $197.51

You Save 96.79


Let’s Keep to Tradition:
What Christmas Gifts Offer

Christmas carries many themes of kindness, reflection, company, affection, and healing. The season is also synonymous with gift-giving, a centuries-old tradition full of surprises and joy. Gift-giving promotes cooperation and social connection, which strengthens our ties to others. The generosity of the Christmas season fosters positivity and a heightened sense of association.

Offering a helping hand can be taken in many ways. During this season, we have an excellent selection of Christmas gifts and gift baskets for Christmas so you can embody the holiday spirit. For any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Christmas Gift-Giving Made
Easier With Giraffy Co - Speed
Up Your Gifting

Giraffy Co is your one-stop gifting solution company. We offer gifting strategies and schedules to help you manage who and where you want to send the gift. With our scheduling service, you can arrange your Christmas gifts in time for specific occasions and moments. We offer a three-step process to help you plan accordingly. You can find more information on this here!


1. Schedule your event

  • Create a profile.
  • Describe their preference.
  • Set the event.
  • Get notified of gift recommendations.

2. Selecting gifts and packages

  • View recommendations.
  • Choose from our packaging options or freely customize.
  • Send the gift to your address or have us take care of it.

3. Wait patiently

  • Our professional team will take care of everything!

The Highest Level of Personalization: Engrave Your Christmas Gifts With Ease

Engraving is a meaningful option you can choose for timeless sentiment. Adding a personalized flair provides a heartwarming feel that's one-of-a-kind. Deliver the perfect Christmas gifts for men, women, kids, grandparents, and so on - they're meant for everybody! Engraving is an enduring representation of your commitment to the relationship.

Materialize your connection with someone special with the engraving options here at Giraffy Co. Show your appreciation and connect at the personal level with your social network, whether that be friends, family, coworkers, or clients.

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