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Housewarming Gift Ideas 


A housewarming party, although usually casual, is the time for friends of the host to give housewarming gifts that will furnish the new home. After all, housewarming is the act of warming a new house. Read on to know what will make the best housewarming gifts. 


Housewarming Gifts for Friends

Your friend is probably exhausted from all the packing, unpacking and decorating their new home, so you may notice that the housewarming party is held within six months of them moving in to a new home. At this point, the house is probably filled up with all the necessary things the house needs. 


The question now for you is how do you choose the best housewarming gifts for your friends? You don’t need to buy extra furniture or equipment because they probably have this covered. Perhaps, what you should pay attention to is how to make this celebration special with your housewarming gifts. This can be a challenge so keep in mind that Giraffy Co. can provide you with recommendations to make your life easier. 


Considerations in Choosing a Practical Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming gifts do not need to be expensive. It only needs to fit the house so the chance of the host keeping the gift is high. It may be best to get a photo of the house from your friend so you can mix and match the colors of good housewarming gifts you’re going to buy. Your friend might also have a list of his or her preferred housewarming gifts - it wouldn’t hurt to ask. 


There are many housewarming gift ideas to choose from, but Giraffy Co has created a gift catalogue that every housewarming host will love because we ensure its quality. These are well-designed pieces that will bring more life to the new home. 


New House, New Beginning: Good Housewarming Gifts in Canada

Moving to a new home symbolizes a new beginning. Thus, this is one consideration in choosing the best housewarming gifts next time you’re invited in a housewarming party. Here’s Giraffy Co’s top choices:


  • Wine Glass: It’s always wine o’clock with this Luigi Bormioli wine glass, founded in 1946 in Palma. 
  • Chemex Glass Handle 6 Cup: Your coffee-lover friend will appreciate this elegant coffee maker. Designed in 1941 by the Chemex brand, this beautiful housewarming gift is made of non-porous, heat-resistant glass, so you can see the coffee as it brews. 
  • Humble Candle Silent Samurai: This scented candle is also one of the practical housewarming gifts you can give to your friend or neighbor. Candles not only give out a nice scent but also brings a better ambiance to the area. 
  • Multiple Use Mino Ware: This is a multi-purpose container that’s made of translucent white porcelain which can be used for pouring shochu and juice. 
  • Matsumoto Coloring Flower Bowl and Yusai Rose Spoon: This bowl and spoon dup features a gentle feminine touch as it produces a bright and calm Japanese atmosphere. This will surely lighten up the room, making it the best housewarming gift. 


Can’t Find What You Need? Go for Customized Housewarming Gifts!

Giving a personalized gift is an amazing way to create beautiful memories on housewarming day. Do you have something in mind that you know they would totally love and yet you can’t find in any physical or online shops? 


Don’t worry because Giraffy Co is not just an online shop. We can also help you customize gifts that would make this housewarming day extra special. Customized gifts deliver twice the fun for the receiver because it means you give it the extra thought and effort, and that you went beyond the usual. 


It could be as simple as writing their name or putting their illustrated image on the product. These are simple things that would put extra value to your housewarming gifts and ensure a memorable day for the receiver. 


Show how you truly care by sending us extra details and we’ll work on the rest.