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Best Personalized Fathers Day Gifts - Recommended for 2022


Fathers are known to be strong and dependable, but we also need to remind them now and then how special they are to us in our lives. If you are looking for the best fathers day gifts, you are in the right place. 


Finding the Right Gift for Fathers Day Gifts in Canada

When was the last time you gifted your father with something he really like or love? It can be difficult to guess especially when they refuse to answer the question of what gift they really want. After all, they’re used to being the provider - the giver. 


In this case, it is important to listen to what they say and what they don’t say. Spending time and having a good conversation with your father is the key, so you may want to schedule a time where you can ask what they’re liking at the moment. 


If you still can’t decide, why not go with your instincts? With Giraffy Co’s list of fathers day gifts for dad, you’ll never go wrong as it houses unique ideas you can't find anywhere else. 


Fathers Day Gifts for All Kinds of Fathers

In choosing the best gifts for Fathers day, you may look back and think what’s your father like? You can look back on how you spent your time with them growing up. Is he the kind who likes to collect leather? Or the techy guy in the house? Does he love to drink coffee or tea or wine? Or maybe he’s the sporty type who never misses a day’s workout?


With the wide variety of gift selections at Giraffy Co, we cover all kinds of interests and hobbies your father may have. Every selection ensures the attention to detail and the quality of every item on this list. 


List of Fathers Day Gifts - A Quick Guide

Shopping for last-minute father’s day gifts? Check out our top fathers day gifts in Canada. 


  • Bellroy Slim Sleeve-Terracotta: When was the last time your father changed his wallet? This original slim wallet is a great replacement as it can hold up to 8 cards, plus it’s made of environmentally certified leather. 
  • Coffee Bundle: For coffee drinkers, this coffee bundle consists of a Hario Bona Drip Kettle and Kinto Slow Coffee Style Specialty that gives out the perfect coffee aroma in the morning. 
  • The Ferris Wheel Press The Carousel Fountain Pen: This is a great writing tool that will bring your father a nostalgic experience when used. It comes with an ink converter if you need to refill. 
  • Bellroy Sling: For fathers who enjoy the outdoors, this sling bag can hold everything in place, from mobile phones, sunglasses, and cameras to wallets. It’s even backed with a 3-year warranty!
  • Orbitkey Leather Key Organizer: This key organizer, made from top-grain leather, is the solution to holding too many keys. It has an award-winning and secure locking mechanism so rest assured that your keys are safe. 

Can’t Find What You Need? Go for Customized Fathers Day Gifts!

Giving a personalized gift is an amazing way to express how special your father is this Father’s Day. Do you have something in mind that you know your father would totally love and yet you can’t find in any physical or online shops? 


Don’t worry because Giraffy Co is not just an online shop. We can also help you customize gifts that represent you and your relationship with your father. Customized gifts deliver twice the fun for the receiver because it means you give it the extra thought and effort, and that you went beyond the usual. 


It could be as simple as writing their name or putting their illustrated image on the product. These are simple things that would put extra value on your gift and ensure a memorable day for your father. 


Show how you truly care by sending us extra details and we’ll find you the best fathers day gifts.