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Speed Up Your Gifting!

An all-in-one gifting solution to manage your contacts, set event reminders and send gifts.

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Step1: Schedule Your Gifting Events

Create Contacts

Create a profile for your contact.

Describe Preference

Narrow down their preferences based on our categories.

Set Up Event

Set up upcoming events.


Our system will notify you when events are coming up and make recommendations for you!

Step 2: Select Gifts and Packagings

View our recommendations for each occasion and add the right gifts to your cart.

Choose from our best in class packaging options or contact us to customize them for you.

Choose to send all the gift to your own addresss or have us take care of the delivery for you.

Step 3: Sit back and Relax

Once you have placed your order, our professional team will get everything ready for you. You can also request a specific delivery window* to ensure that the gift is delivered at the right time.

*Only available in the Great Vancouver Area