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Beat Teacher Gifts in Canada


Our teachers deserved the best teacher gifts may it be their special days or not. After all, they help us achieve our dreams. Let Giraffy Co help you find the best gifts with our teacher gift ideas. 


Teacher Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

Teaching, as they say, is the most noble profession in the world. After all, teachers help in bringing out the best of our potential and capabilities. How else can we express our gratefulness by giving them gifts they’d love. How about a gift they would keep forever? 


Of course, we don’t have to wait for that special day to thank them. You may express your gratitude any time of the year by giving them the best teacher gifts. The secret to great gifting does not rely on the money you spend. Showing how much you care can be expressed by paying attention to the detail of your gifts. 


How to choose the best teacher gifts in Canada

Are you looking for daycare teacher gifts, teacher Christmas gifts, or end of year teacher gifts? Let Giraffy Co help you every step of the way from gift recommendations, and gift wrapping to delivering them to your scheduled date. 


Aside from teaching, our teachers have their interests and hobbies too. Have you tried chatting with them after class to find out what they are? This does not take much time if it means getting on point to what they’d love to receive. 


Once you get to know your teachers a little bit, tell our experts in Giraffy Co what they’re like and we can recommend you the best teacher gifts. Otherwise, you may browse the wide variety of unique teacher gift ideas to choose from that they can use in their home or in the classroom. 

Our Quick Guide to Teacher Gifts

Finding the best teacher gifts can be daunting. If you’re struggling with choosing gifts for your teacher, you may check out our quick guide below and match them to their personality. 

  • Hario Tsukemonoki Pickle Press: This pickle press makes a lot of difference in every meal for the teacher who loves to cook. 
  • Cara d’Ache Premium Collection with Tin Giftbox - Goldbar: This ballpoint pen has a metal slim pack with a matching gold color packaging and comes with a Caran d’Ache Goliath M Blue ink cartridge, making it one of our bestselling teacher gifts. 
  • Bellroy Travel Wallet - RFID Protection: This wallet is made of premium leather to fit up to 10 cards. There’s a section meant for passports, tickets, and bills, and best to give as daycare teacher gifts or teacher Christmas gifts. 
  • Bellroy Venture Sling: This sling bag is a great teacher appreciation gift idea for teachers who love the outdoors. It is made from 100% recycled woven fabric so it’s environmentally friendly too.
  • Kalita Wave Sagan: This beautiful, Sagan or Sandstone in Japanese dripper would make the best teacher gift. It is made using the traditional Japanese porcelain crafting method that originated 400 years ago in Nagasaki. This is for teachers who love both history and coffee. 


Can’t Find What You Need? Go for Customized Teacher Gifts!

Giving a personalized gift is an amazing way to express our gratitude to our teachers. Do you have something in mind that you know your teachers would totally love and yet you can’t find in any physical or online shops? 


Don’t worry because Giraffy Co is not just an online shop. We can also help you customize gifts that represent you and highlight the message you want to deliver. Customized gifts deliver twice the fun for your teacher because it means you give it the extra thought and effort and that you went beyond the usual. 


It could be as simple as writing their name or putting their illustrated image on the product. These are simple things that would put extra value on your gift and ensure a memorable day for your teacher. 


Show how you truly care by sending us extra details and we’ll find the perfect teacher gifts for you..