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Engraved Gifts

Personalized Engraved Gifts Services offered by Giraffy Co.

Engraved gifts are one-of-a-kind gifts for friends, family, or anyone special to you. Personalized Engraved Gifts from Giraffy Co. are a great way to make gifts more thoughtful, unique, and special to create a stronger personal connection for the recipient. This could be a name, a promise, or customized gifts; anything that can signify a long-lasting relationship with the recipient.

What can be engraved to make personalized gifts?

Engraved gifts communicate directly to the heart, giving them a more personal accent for the recipient. Personalized gifts help develop a stronger bond by expressing feelings of love, appreciation, and thanks. That way, the recipient will appreciate the gift more deeply. We can do this by engraving a name or a phrase, date, and more. There are various options that we can engrave to make your customized gifts more memorable. The following are unique personalized gifts that can be engraved for your friends, family, or your clients:

Logo & Monogram
Name & Your Favorite Phrase
Name & Your Favorite Phrase
An Inside Joke
An Inside Joke

What products can we use to make personalized engraved gifts?

Choosing the perfect gift is hard, especially if you want to engrave them. However, there are some materials that do not work with engraved gifts.

The following are products that can be used to make a customized gift:

  • Coated Metal Surface
  • Ceramic Products
  • Leather Products
  • Glass Products
  • Bottled Wine (Yes we are licensed wine delivery service provider.)
  • Products with wood parts
  • Acrylic products

Ceramic products such as cups and mugs are a great gift for clients or for your loved ones. Acrylic Products like pens and utensils are perfect for all ages. Bottled Wine and Wine glasses are perfect for the more mature recipients.

There is a present for every occasion, and with our help, you can find the perfect customized gift.

How do you get free engraving services for customized gifts?

If the product meets both of the following requirements, the engraving service is free of charge.

This promo is our simple thank you for using our services. As long as it’s clean and simple, your personalized engraved gift is on the house.

Text that fits within a line on engraved gifts
  • Text only
  • Fits with a line
  • A name, a phrase, a date, or an inside joke

Any text that fits within a line is free. An example of this content would be a name, a phrase, a date, or an inside joke. Customized gifts don’t need complicated text, all you need is to express that gift is specially made for the recipient.

The first item of any SKU of the day
  • Free engraving for each sku ONCE pre day
  • Renewel the second day
  • For each customer

SKU refers to Giraffy Co’s product number used to label each product sold. You can get free engravings for each SKU once per day. For example, let’s say we have a green mug and a red mug. Both mugs have different SKUs. If you buy a green mug today, the engravings are free. If you buy two green mugs, only the first mug’s engravings are free. If you buy a green mug and a red mug, both of their engravings are offered for free.

Things to keep in mind to achieve the best results in engraved gifts

Straight Side, Coated Surface
slightly curved side, glass
straight side, glass
raw metal surface
side curved too much
non-smooth surface

Engraving works best on a flat surface, as well as on cylindrical products such as mugs. Products with coned surfaces are also good for engraving services given that their diameters change evenly. Complicated surfaces make it harder for the engraving process because they might not look good from every angle. The engraving process yields better results when the surface of the product is simpler and more uniform.

Find engraved gifts to build stronger connections with your friends, family, or clients with Giraffy Co. today!

Straight Side, Coated Surface
slightly curved side, glass
straight side, glass
raw metal surface
side curved too much
non-smooth surface

How to place an order for engraved gifts?

To place an order for the items that you would like to engrave, you can contact us by emailing [email protected]. You can also inquire about customized gifts by contacting our customer service employees by using the chatbox on the bottom right of the page. You can also send a text message to 778-681-8266. We will do our best to comply with all of your wants and needs.

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