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Cierto Japanese Mino Ware Sake Cups Gift Box

Taste Sake Authentically with Cierto Japanese Mino Ware Ochoko Sake Cups

Sake cups are known as shuki (酒器) in Japanese. The flavor of sake changes once the temperature changes. Because of this, it is best to serve it in small ochoko sake cups and drink it before the temperature changes. Serve your sake in a Cierto Japanese Mino Ware Sake Cup to smell the fragrance and taste the difference.

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Add Authenticity wth a Cierto Japanese Sake Cup Set

Enhance the Aroma and Taste of Sake Using the Ochoko Sake Cups

Depending on the vessel you use, your sake can either reach its highest potential or not. For the majority of sake drinkers, you might be familiar with ochoko — a small circular sake cup. They are typically the type of sake cups used in izakaya, Japanese restaurants, and sushi shops. Ochoko has an average volume of 45ml or smaller. Because of the way it's served, sake is meant to be sipped on to enjoy the unique taste and fragrance. 

Ochoko releases the fragrances of sake making it a more enjoyable drinking experience. Also, ochoko sake cups, like Cierto Japanese Mino Ware Sake Cup, are made from ceramic to enjoy sake at different temperatures.

User Guide: 

Depending on personal computer and smartphone, it may differ slightly from the actual color. Due to the nature of the pottery, there may be differences in the color, size, and weight of baked goods due to conditions such as kilns and temperature. This item is glazed (leaving traces of the glaze put on the vessel) and there may be color unevenness. Please acknowledge your purchase after purchase.

** Microwave ovens cannot be used, dishwashers can be used.

What Is In The Box

Natural Pottery: Handcrafted Ceramic Sake Cups 

Release the Fragrance and Flavors, Serve Sake in Cierto Japanese Mino Ware Sake Cup Set

The Cierto Japanese Mino Ware Sake Cup Gift Box contains 5 handcrafted ochoko sake cups, each with individual designs, colors, and shapes. Each sake cup is made individually from porcelain which has high heat retention perfect for serving hot, cold, or warm sake.

For sake drinking, different types of sake can be served at various temperatures, affecting their flavors and aromas. That is why many sake drinkers prefer using Cierto Japanese Mino Ware Ochoko Sake Cups for their porcelain material and stunning craftsmanship. Serve your sake with ochoko cups and tokuri (a pitcher)!


  • Country of Manufacture: Japan
  • Material / Component: Porcelain (Mino Ware)
  • Dimensions (cm):5.5 L x 5.5 W x 3.5 H
  • Weight (kg):0.04
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SKU CIE_9297818S2
Country of Manufacture Japan
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