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Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister Clear Glass-0.7L

by Fellow

Atmos Vacuum Canisters Protect Coffee Beans from Oxygen and Moisture

 Oxygen and moisture can quicken the aging process of the coffee beans. The result? Their flavors and aroma will greatly decrease. Enjoy the full flavors of your coffee with Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister. This coffee canister's built-in vacuum pump will extend the shelf life of your coffee beans by up to 50% while also preventing oxidation, moisture, and odours.

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Product Details


  • Material: Glass, silicone

  • Capacity: 0.7L

  • Dimensions (cm): 14 L × 14 W × 16 H

  • Weight (kg): 0.51

  • Care Instructions:

    • Not dishwasher safe, hand wash only
    • Do not place Atmos upside down while storing content inside.

Product Descriptions

Oxidation is the #1 enemy of coffee beans. Oxygen will accelerate the aging process and reduce flavor and aroma. Keep your coffee fresh, flavorful, and aromatic with Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister!

These glass canisters may look simple but don't be fooled! Fellow combined functionality and sleek, luxurious design to protect your coffee beans. The lid prevents oxygen and moisture from getting into the coffee beans. Twist the lid back and forth to suck out the air inside these modern kitchen canisters. When the lid indication is green, your Atmos Vacuum Canister is locked. Press the button to relieve pressure before making coffee.

This canister is available in 3 sizes (0.4L, 0.7L and 1.2L).

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What Is In The Box

Quality and Craftsmanship In Every Atmos Vacuum Canister

Extend the Shelf Life of Coffee Beans up to 50%, Store in Atmos Vacuum Canister

Fellow created Atmos Vacuum Canister with a sleek, stylish design and high-functional lid. Its lid features a built-in vacuum pump that sucks out all the air and prevents oxygen, moisture, odors, and other organisms from getting into your coffee beans. When you use these modern kitchen canisters, you can extend the shelf life of your coffee beans up to 50%. And when you need your daily dose of caffeine, just push the button at the top of its air-tight silicone lid to release the pressure and you are ready to go!

Atmos Vacuum Canister is available in 400mL (can hold up to 6 oz), 700mL (can hold up to 10 oz), and 1.2L (can hold up to 16 oz). You can choose stainless steel in black or white for an added layer of protection against sunlight which can decrease its flavors.


  • Dimensions(cm): 14 L × 14 W × 20 H
  • Weight(kg): 0.56
More Information
Country of Manufacture United States
UPC Code 852212007434
Food Container Capacity 0.7L
Care Instructions Handwash Only
Brand Story

Fellow's main mission is to help coffee enthusiasts brew delicious coffee at home with ease. This San Francisco-based company specializes in designing and making artistic and functional coffee products that will improve your coffee-drinking experience. Some of their popular products include french press kits, electric and stovetop kettles, bean storage systems, on-the-go coffee containers, double-walled glasses, coffee mugs, carafes, and more. These products are inspired by the consumers' need for quality equipment to brew, drink, and enjoy coffee at home or anywhere you go. 

Fellow has received multiple awards such as the Dezeen Awards, Specialty Coffee Association Awards, and Red Dot Design Awards. You can find these award-winning products at Giraffy Co. Enhance your coffee-drinking experience, choose Fellow products!

Customer Questions
What makes Atmos special?
The magic of Atmos is all in the lid. Unlike other vacuum canisters, Atmos has no external pump or part that attaches and detaches. This makes removing air from Atmos super simple. Also, the vacuum mechanism in Atmos is so strong that it reduces internal...
How much coffee does each Atmos hold?
Up to 16 oz of coffee beans. The 0.4 L Atmos holds up to 6 oz of coffee beans; the 0.7 L canister holds up to 10 oz of coffee beans.
How do I clean my Atmos?
We recommend hand-washing. Atmos is not dishwasher safe. Regarding the lid, please prevent liquid from getting inside and do not clean the lid under running water. Instead, clean with a damp, non-abrasive sponge or cloth and use mild soap, if needed. ...
What do I need to avoid when using Atmos?
Ground coffee or any other powders. They may get trapped and blocks the hole in the Atmos's vacuum cap.
Can I put Atmos in the freezer?
Yes, you can. But it's not the best use of the product. Also, placing Atmos in the freezer will eventually reduce the vacuum seal's lifespan.
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