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KRUVE EQ Glasses (2-pack) - Excite + Inspire

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  • Material: Borosillicate Glass

  • Capacity: 5oz

  • Dimensions (cm): 10 L x 10 W x 15 H

  • Weight (kg): 0.2

  • Care Instructions:

    • Dishwasher safe

Product Descriptions

KRUVE EQ glasses are the perfect way to enjoy your coffee with all your senses in perfect harmony. These glasses are scientifically designed to amplify or soften certain flavour notes, just like an audio equalizer. This allows you to control your sensory experience and enjoy your coffee the way you want to. The EXCITE glass is perfect for full-bodied, chocolatey, nutty, or dark roasts. It holds 5oz (150ml) and features a bulbous shape and large liquid surface area that traps and circulates aroma. The INSPIRE glass is perfect for fruity, citrusy, or light roasts. It holds 5oz (150ml) and features a narrow inner glass shape and smaller liquid surface area that focuses and funnels the aroma. Experience better coffee with KRUVE EQ glasses!

This set is available in 3 options (Excite + Inspire, Excite + Excite and Inspire + Inspire).

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More Information
Country of Manufacture Canada
UPC Code 647356245497
Capacity 5oz
Glassware Pack Set of 2
Glassware Material Borosillicate Glass
Production Type Hand Made
Brand Story

KRUVE broke onto the specialty coffee scene in 2015 with the KRUVE Sifter, a revolutionary product that helps measure, calibrate, and refine grind size. The team quickly went on to win Best New Product as part of the coveted Sprudgie Awards, honoring the best in coffee, and voted on by tens of thousands of coffee lovers. Today, everyone from coffee enthusiasts to World Champion Baristas are using it to improve how they brew coffee. Then, KRUVE set out to improve how people consume coffee, with another award-winning industry innovation, the KRUVE EQ Glassware line. Giraffy Co., as a corporate gifting platform, aims to deliver a unique and considerate gift-giving experience for you. Together with KRUVE, we offer high-quality products and one-stop product customization service.

Customer Questions
What makes Fellow Stagg Double Wall Tasting Glasses a must-have item for coffee lovers?
It offers a premium coffee experience. The glasses are designed with unique shapes that will help you enjoy coffee at its very best. The flared lip delivers coffee to your entire palate to taste the full spectrum of coffee flavours.
Is Fellow Stagg Double Wall Tasting Glasses dishwasher & micro-oven safe?
Yes, it is.
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