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You could just use a pour over brewer on top of a mug and be done with it. Or... you could choose to leave one of the most beautiful pour over kits available on your counter for your visual pleasure: a contrast of dark walnut, brass, coated stainless steel filter in a glass holder, and 600ml high quality glass carafe.


  • Capacity: 600 ml (20.3 oz)
  • Stand: Walnut (urethane coating), Brass, 18-8 Stainless Steel, Silicone
  • Server: Heat-resistant glass (Maximum temperature: 120℃ / 248℉)


  • Slight differences may occur being handmade. Colour and grain of natural wood varies in each item. Do not use in a dishwasher. Do not soak in water. Do not place near open flames. Wipe the surface with dry or tightly wrung out dishcloth when cleaning. Sudden temperature change and humidity may warp or crack the product. Avoid direct sunlight, dry well after use and store in a dry place. Slight scratches, darkening, or dents may be found on brass. Do not leave brass wet as humidity may cause the color to change. With continued use, the colour of brass surface will change due to oxidation. To clean the brass, use a commercial metal cleaner and follow its directions. There may be a chance that green rust occurs on brass. However, it does not affect quality. When adjusting the height of the stand, hold the ring while unscrewing the knob. When using a dishwasher, avoid force and weight applied to the filter. Wash filter with care. Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. To prevent rust, immediately wash and dry filter well after use. Store it away from other metals.

Dimensions (cm):

  • 17 L × 14 W × 25 H

Weight (kg):

  • 1.05
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UPC Code 4963264500852
Coffee Maker Set Includes Coffee Server, Glass Cup
Brand Story

Established in 1972, KINTO started as a wholesaler of tableware in Shiga, Japan. Then, ventured into designing and creating their own line of beautifully crafted dinnerware, drinkware, and interior décor and accessories. This Japanese company's main goal is to inspire and bring comfort to your everyday life without sacrificing aesthetics. Their high-quality products include ceramic teapots, travel tumblers, cups and saucers, cold coffee carafes, beer glasses, tea strainers, mugs, workout bottles, brewer stands, baby food tableware, coffee filters, and more.

At Giraffy Co., we provide KINTO products to bring these beautiful and artistic items into your home. Our goal is to make gift giving more stylish, memorable, and convenient for all. Order your KINTO products and we will deliver them to your recipient.

Customer Questions
What is Hario V60-02 Silver Metal best for?
It's perfect for travel. This stainless steel V60 is tough as nails and will turn heads.
Can metal affect the taste of the coffee?
No, it's not. Hario has merged the best qualities of the Ceramic V60 and the Plastic V60 in this metal version. Your coffee will taste as amazing as it is with this V60-02.
Is Hario V60-02 Silver Metal dishwasher safe?
Yes, it is.
What country is it made in?
Hario V60-02 Silver Metal is made in Japan.
What makes Kalita Wave Style Brewer different from other coffee brewers in the market?
It's loved best for its consistent brew every time. The Wave filters also encourage consistency by reducing contact with the brewer's side, maintaining more temperature stability. The Kalita Wave is one of the finest Japanese pour-over brewers available...
Is Kalita Wave Style Brewer dishwasher safe?
Yes, it is.
What country is it made in?
Kalita Wave Style Brewer is made in Japan.
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