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KINTO Tumbler Strap (Small) (70mm/2.8in)-Black


Hydrate and Easily Carry Your Tumbler Anywhere with KINTO Water Bottle Strap!

If you are the type of person who just leaves their tumblers anywhere, you will need a KINTO Small Water Bottle Strap! This water bottle sling is specially made for your KINTO 350mL TRAVEL and 300mL PLAY water tumblers. Carry your tumbler with this water bottle strap to stay hydrated while traveling.

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Product Details

Secure and Adjustable KINTO Water Bottle Strap

Ergonomic Water Bottle Strap for Your Tumbler Designed to Alleviate Shoulder Pain

Carrying your water bottle everywhere is a hassle especially if it doesn’t have a handle or easily fit in your bag. Don't worry, all you need is KINTO Water Bottle Strap! It is crafted using high-quality and durable materials to make sure it can withstand your daily active lifestyle and any outdoor activities. This small bottle strap has a snug and secure fit. The broad straps comfortably distribute the weight of your tumbler to reduce the strain on your shoulders. 

KINTO Bottle Strap is easy to wash, clean, maintain, and attach. It is adjustable and can be used by kids or adults. This water bottle strap is available in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large) and 2 colors (black and beige).

User guide:

Small Tumbler Strap is suitable for KINTO PLAY and 350ml TRAVEL Tumblers. Please do not use it with other products. Do not place it near open flames. Keep out of reach of children. Keep an eye on your children when they use this tumbler. Do not swing or pull the strap as it may cause breakage and, or injury. Do not wear the strap around your neck as it may cause choking or injury. Do not exercise or play while wearing the strap. Product size and shape varies in each item due to the manufacturing process. Constant friction can cause the strap/product to bleed on other materials-especially when wet. To clean the strap, please hand wash with cold or warm water and let it dry completely. Do not use bleach and softener as it may cause the colors to fade. In order to avoid mold and rust, do not store the strap in a humid place.

What Is In The Box

Durable Water Bottle Strap For KINTO Tumblers

Pair Your KINTO Tumbler with a Sturdy, High-Quality, and Secured Water Bottle Strap

Staying hydrated is important, especially when the weather is hot or you are being active. But carrying around your tumbler can be inconvenient if you don't have a bottle strap. You need the KINTO Tumbler Strap! This water bottle sling is easy to clean; all you need to do is wash it and let it dry. It is made from durable materials specially designed with a secured bottom to hold and carry the KINTO 300ml PLAY or 350ml TRAVEL water bottle. The water bottle strap is adjustable and perfectly distributes the weight to not strain your shoulders even if you carry around your full tumbler for hours.

Carry your tumbler comfortably with a KINTO Water Bottle Strap!


  • Small Tumbler Strap is suitable for KINTO PLAY and 350ml TRAVEL Tumblers
  • Available in Beige or Black
  • Polyester, Copper (Ni coating)
  • [Holder] ⌀70 x H90mm (⌀208 x H3.6in)
  • [Belt] The length can be adjusted from about 650 to 1300mm (25.6 to 51.2in)
  • Dimensions(cm): 7 L × 7 W × 9 H
  • Weight(kg): 0.1
More Information
Country of Manufacture Japan
UPC Code 4963264509411
Strap Suitable Tumbler KINTO PLAY and 350ml TRAVEL Tumblers
Strap Material Polyester, Copper (Ni coating)
Strap Holder Dimensions ⌀70 x H90mm (⌀208 x H3.6in)
Strap Adjustable Belt Length 650 to 1300mm (25.6 to 51.2in)
Brand Story

Established in 1972, KINTO started as a wholesaler of tableware in Shiga, Japan. Then, ventured into designing and creating their own line of beautifully crafted dinnerware, drinkware, and interior décor and accessories. This Japanese company's main goal is to inspire and bring comfort to your everyday life without sacrificing aesthetics. Their high-quality products include ceramic teapots, travel tumblers, cups and saucers, cold coffee carafes, beer glasses, tea strainers, mugs, workout bottles, brewer stands, baby food tableware, coffee filters, and more.

At Giraffy Co., we provide KINTO products to bring these beautiful and artistic items into your home. Our goal is to make gift giving more stylish, memorable, and convenient for all. Order your KINTO products and we will deliver them to your recipient.

Customer Questions
Is this strap fit with all Kinto tumblers?
No! This only fits with KINTO PLAY and 350ml TRAVEL Tumblers.
How can I clean the strap when it is dirty?
Hand-washing is recommended. Please wash the strap in warm or cold water, and then totally let it dry.
Is there anything I should notice when using the strap?
Avoid wearing the strap around your neck. Hence, it could entrap you and harm you. Never play or exercise while wearing the strap.
What is this tumbler strap made from?
Polyester, Copper (Ni coating).
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